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ACL Special Event 
Asian Music Festival (AMF) 2017 in Japan

- 일시 : 2017년 11월 2 - 3일, 도쿄 (2일간, 4회의 콘서트) 

- 일본측 마감일 : 2017.3.31 (금) 

- 한국측 마감일 : 2017.3.17 (금) 오후 5시 도착분에 한함

- 악보 2부, 첨부자료(아래 3항 참조) : 우편접수

- (우)04763 서울시 성동구 왕십리로 222 한양대학교 제1음악관 2층 음악대학 (사)작곡가협회 ACL-Korea 앞

- 봉투에 2017 ACL-Japan 카테고리 공모 표기

- 문의 : Tel.010-6221-3933 / E-mail



1. Each entrant is allowed to submit one work only.

2. The work must be in only one category from the following list:

a) Chamber orchestra “Conductors are Composers”

Maximum of 15 performers from the following instruments: 1fl, 1ob, 1cl, 1bsn, 2 hrn, 1trp, 1trb, 1hrp, perc(2 performers), 2vn, 1vla, 1vc, 1cb. The maximum duration is 15 minutes, in order to perform as many pieces as possible.


b) Chamber music

Chamber music within 12minutes, within 5 performers from the following instruments: 1fl, 1ob, 1cl, 1bsn, 1hrn, 2vn, 1vla, 1vc, 1shakuhachi, 1shamisen and 1koto.


c) Electroacoustic music

Electroacoustic work within10 minutes. (2 channel speaker)

Composer must operate the computer by her/himself at the concert on 3rd November.


3. The score, along with the title of the work, the composer’s name in English on the cover and the following information (a–k) must be submitted. The information should be written either in Japanese or in English and, where applicable, Chinese names should include the equivalent Chinese ideographs.

a. Name

b. Nationality, date of birth

c. Address, e-mail address

d. Title of the work

e. Year composed (pieces composed in or after 2012 are especially encouraged)

f. Duration, instrumentation

g. Biography of composer (maximum 100 words)

h. Program notes (maximum 100 words)

I. Has the work been performed? If yes, where? Has the work been performed in Japan? If yes, when?

j. CD of the work (if available)

k. Photo of the composer 


4. The application must reach the secretariat before March 31st, 2017.


5. The applicants will be informed of the contest results by July 1, 2017. The individual parts of selected scores should be submitted at a later date (to be announced).


6. The copyright fee for the work performed will be paid in accordance with the regulations of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers & Publishers. The composers are asked to waive the right to any and all possible broadcasting of the selected work (in part or in whole, in any style or method of program; news, musical or otherwise).


7. The organizers are unable to cover the performance fee, airfare and accommodation 

for composers.


8. The application should be mailed to:

    The Japan Federation of Composers


#101 Mimori Bldg., 1-19-4 Hatsudai Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0061 Japan 

Tel: (81)3-6276-1177 / Fax: (81)3-3376-3371 e-mail:

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